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Panimpo är Janson Family's distributör i Sverige.

Kontakta oss:

Vill du bli återförsäljare eller har du en annan fråga?

Maila oss då på info@jansoncoffee.se

Adress: Panimpo
c/o Malmberg
Hammarby Allé 96
120 65 Stockholm

Tel: 070-7168614


Läs nedan några fler röster från Amerikanska kunder om Janson Coffee:
"At our Christmas dinner one evening, we brewed a pot of the coffee to go with dessert. It was wonderful! Everybody raved about how good it was. We could have had the coffee alone for dessert! It is hard to find a really good coffee. Thanks for providing such an outstanding product"
"I opened up the espresso (Dark Roast) first and made a pot. I used just a small amount of coffee. What a flavour! Every one in my office tried it and loved it. Now that’s coffee!"
“I ordered coffee and Chris said it would go out UPS on Monday. Here it is Wednesday afternoon and I’m enjoying a mug of heaven”.
"My wife and I love your coffee. We both think that it is a lot better than the Starbucks that we have not used since receiving your brand"

Och här några utdrag om Janson Coffee från internet:





Janson Cofffee marknadsförs i Sverige av Panimpo. För mer information kontakta:  info@jansoncoffee.se